So it begins…

Ollie is started to really get into music, which delights me. Here’s a few anecdotes:

Besides music from meme videos on Youtube, his favorite song is what he calls the “yeah yeah yeah song” — Nirvana’s “Lithium”. He’ll ask me at random to play it, then sings along to the chorus. If I ask him a question, he’ll sometimes respond – in key – with “yeah yeah yeeeeeeaaah”.

He says he wants to play the drums. I showed him a video of the drummer from Don Caballero playing solo, and he watched the whole thing, transfixed. His comment afterwards? “How can one person play all that?”

Dinosaur Jr gets played a lot in my house. Yesterday I was watching one of their videos and Ollie asked “how come he’s barely singing?”

Tonight he asked me if drummers play the same way each time, and how can they remember it all? I told him how drums are a vital part of the song and then found a drums-only video of “Lithium” to see if he’d recognize it. He did! This led to us watching a bass-only version, then a guitar-only version, and a vocals-only version. He was fascinated how it all comes together.

After watching those videos he said he wants a drum kit for his birthday. Then paused for a beat and said, “or maybe a glockenspiel”.

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